Dr. Acula Slots

Scientists and experts still argue about the mystery of Dracula today, and everyone knows that it is a real person who ruled Romania long ago. Vlad Dracula was very cruel, so the locals were sure that he belonged to the dark world. That's how the first legends about the vampire appeared. Today, it is a famous literary character who is portrayed in films/cartoons and even slot machines. So, the vampire took part in the Dr. Acula slot from the Rival company. The release of the new development took place in the autumn of 2018. If you are in the market for an extraordinary classic, then it does not get much better than Dr. Acula, which is a Rival Gaming slot with a vampire theme and title that plays on Dracula's name and turns him into a creepy doctor who is going to steal your blood. It features a 3x3 reel-grid and five paylines. Each of the paylines can pay up to $5,000, so the highest potential win with a single spin is $25,000. The only feature that you can expect from the game is wild. Still, even without too many extras, I think that its theme and graphics manage to make it an excellent choice, mainly if Halloween is nearby.

About Dr. Acula

Vlad the Impaler was widely believed to be none other than the evil Count Dracula, or call him whatever you want, he is the most famous vampire. In honour of the prince of darkness from Transylvania, Rival software offers a fantastic and eerie slot Dr. Acula the perfect game for Halloween and beyond. Other things help this casino stand apart. One of them is forming wins not just by landing three identical symbols across the reels but also by getting symbols that have similar elements and features together within a winning combo across your reels. All the gaming symbols are in sync with its theme, which is one of Dr. Acula using his zombie nursing attendant to work on human beings and provide them with red blood transfusions. Other icons include test lots of tube racks with blood in tubes, plasma packets, and evil syringes covered in blood. There is also the number seven in three different shades.

Slot Type, Theme and Design

The bright red and dark colour combo of Dr. Acula is the perfect setting for a slot that will have players excited to hit the spinning button. Dracula has a medical doctor degree now, and his evil grin features as the slot background image. The doctor works as the Wild symbol granting up to a 1,000 coins payout when players land three of these gory guys. Other rewarding game symbols include the classic 7’s plus other gruesome icons like the zombie nurse, blood tubes, plasma bags and syringe. Despite the availability of modern technologies and innovative solutions, developers often return to the old-school, traditional theme. Rival has given Dr. Acula a classic-style, and it is equipped with 3-reels and five active paylines. The main game screen of this slot represents the interior of a dark and eerie room within the castle. Above, you see the evil eyes of Dracula who will follow you with all rotations. Graphics and gameplay symbols all fully correspond to the horror theme. Dracula conducts his evil experiments within the castle’s laboratory and takes blood from his victims to create a monster. The creators of Dr. Acula have added 3D graphics and mysterious music to accompany your actions. The interface of the game is user-friendly, and there is a large paytable located on the left.

Paytable, Symbols And Payouts

The 3-reel, five payline slot features an evil Doctor who looks like the 1922 vampire from Nosferatu! He has an equally ghoulish, evil nurse and loads of bloody symbols. The full list of symbols for Dr. Acula are as follows, Dr. Acula, a Nurse, a Plasma Bag, the number Seven, a Syringe, and some Test Tubes. Ensconced inside the Castle Acula, the evil Doctor is waiting to provide his unique style of treatment for anyone who dares to enter. Dr. Acula has a prescription for winning payouts including multi-symbol payouts! Three of the blood bank symbols which are the syringe, plasma bags, and test tubes combine with Triple Lucky Lightning Sevens. The Dr. Acula icon offers a double-winning shot as it is a Wild and Jackpot symbol. The paytable is conveniently set at the left, making it easy to check out all the symbols and the high payouts as you play on. At the lower left, you can see the Win window that informs you about how much you win and your multiplier. If you are looking to score multiple wins, you can do that with numerous symbols. If you get three Blood Bank symbols, plus the Triple Lightning 7s image, you can realistically win a cash bonanza! Dr. Acula is the wild and Jackpot symbol. Therefore, when you get three Dr. Acula symbols, depending on your coin bet - 1, 2 or 3, you could bag 250 coins, 500, or even the 1.000 coin jackpot.

Special Symbols And Features

The wild symbol of Dr. Acula slot is the title character. He replaces all others and gifts you some cool wins. Dr. Acula is also the sole symbol responsible for giving you the fixed 1000-coin jackpot that you can trigger by landing three Dr. Acula symbols anywhere on your reels. The highlight of this game is its simplicity. There are no sophisticated features, bonus rounds and other such elements to help you win big. You win by landing the right symbols in the right place. Helping you along are astounding game graphics and an equally haunting soundtrack. The game is undoubtedly a Dracula themed slot, with a distinct twist. Dracula seems to be posing as a real doctor, who is Dr. Acula. He has a vampire nurse to help him, three sevens coloured in purple, orange and green, with icons of a syringe, a blood pouch and vials, all three are filled with the reddish liquid. You will adore the design of Dr. Acula slot, and it definitely helps to make it a more attractive choice for Halloween, though I’d play it the rest of the year as well. There are not many good looking 3-reel slot machines out there, but that's one of them.

Paylines, Betting Options And Limits

The coins available range from $0.01, up to $0.05, $0.10, $0.60, $0.25, $1, $2 and up to $5, all configurable, and you can stake one to three coins per payline, and the default wager configuration is $0.10 coin times three coins per payline × five paylines equalling $1.50. The default jackpot is set at $100, and the maximum is $5,000 cash! Once you load the game to your mobile device screen, you will need to place your wager. There are five paylines, and you can pay a minimum of $0.09 for one paylines to a maximum of $75 across the five paylines. That gives you a minimum and maximum range of $0.09 to $75. You can increase or decrease bet sizes by using the minus plus buttons, respectively. Once you set your bets, click on the Spin button and start the game, it is as easy as that! Dr. Acula has no separate bonus rounds or free spins. All your wins will come by forming winning symbol combinations in collaboration with one another. That might sound like a limitation; however, it makes things a lot easier, and you are free to bet carefully and ensure maximum wins at a lower risk. As with other video slots with a classic design, Dr. Acula slot offers payouts which are better for the jackpot, if you use the maximum number of coins. A single currency will pay 250 coins back at most per line, while two medals pay 500 coins, and three coins pay out a considerable 1,000 coins. Those extra 250 coins are offered for the top jackpot only, and all other wins pay the same amount per coin you stake. Depending on the coins you used, a reward of up to $5,000 could be yours for each combination you form, and up to $25,000 for all the paylines. The main control panel is located below. First, choose a bet size. To do that, click the Coin Value - Silver Coin, and Select the Coins buttons. After that, you need to select the number of paylines from one to five, and there are important indicators as they will determine the exact t size of your payouts. Players can win up to 1,000 coins. To begin the reel rotation, you should press the red key on the right. AutoPlay mode is also available.

Bonus Rounds and Free Spins

Dr. Acula is a genuine classic slot if you look at the gameplay and features it offers. The only one available is a pure wild; there is nothing else. As for the wild, it is the role that Dr. Acula gets. We see this bald and creepy man, dressed as a doctor and holding a syringe filled with blood. That is your wild symbol, and at the same time, it can deliver the jackpot when forming a combo. Three Dr. Aculas on a payline offers the prize, while with one or two, you can create combinations based on the other symbols found next to them. Blood-related icons can mix and get you paid, just as the different 7s can also do. That’s about it for the feature list though. Dr. Acula's prescription for winning includes multi-symbol payouts! Three of the blood bank symbols, which are the syringe, the plasma bags, and the test tubes. Moreover, there is a Triple Lucky Lightning Sevens which will score big wins! The Dr. Acula icon gives you a double chance to win, as it is both the Wild and the Jackpot at once. Who said old-school slots aren’t entertaining? Such models offer big payouts and various bonuses. If you don’t believe that, then try Dr. Acula video slot. You gain payouts for landing combinations of identical symbols. The 3×3 grid displays all the symbols frequently. You can also use the Wild which can replace all the standard game characters and form winning combos. If you manage to get several Wilds at once, that will give you the largest payout of the game - 1,000 coins. All other combos pay according to the paytable.

Instant Play for Free or Real Money

Dr. Acula is a classic 3-reel, five payline slot jam-packed with winning possibilities. The rewarding and enjoyable game is available in Flash-based Instant Play directly from your browser. In rare occasions, you may find a new slot release that’s so good it immediately tempts you to start playing for real money straight away. You could win decently right from the start with no significant risk involved. It is better to be cautionary and try the game out for free first, whether new or old. The demo-play practice mode is free, and you should try Dr Acula out in that mode.

Mobile Game for Android and iOS

Playing the game isn’t at all difficult, and you can play by clicking the game icon to load it to your device while using a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. If you are using a mobile device ensure that it is entirely compatible with at least any of the following platforms Android, Windows and iOS mobile phones and even BlackBerry phones. The mobile version of the game is impressive, just like the desktop version, and works well on all mobile brands and their operating systems. It is adequately compatible with iOS, Windows and Android phones and tabs. You can play Dr. Acula using Flash technology and Instant Play mode without waiting or the need to download the game. The graphics come over vibrantly and pretty clearly on a smaller mobile screen. The intense game is intuitive and extremely enjoyable to play and loads up quickly.

Round-Up and Verdict

The vampire has departed Romania and travelled to these reels for one of the creepiest slots of the year – and he is wearing his scrubs. Dr. Acula provides spooky times for all players. Ever since its release in 2018, Dr. Acula has been immensely popular at online casinos thrilling beginners and slot veterans. They include international players as the game is available in many different countries. The game looks great, and simplicity is at its core. The graphics and animations are phenomenal. The tiny vampire bats flying around the reels start spinning and are incredibly entertaining. The game’s layout is somewhat different from typical Rival slots as the paytable elements are listed directly on the screen to save you searching. Dr. Acula has only 3-reels, but it is loosely based on Dracula’s story, turned into a doctor here. It’s a fun game thanks to its graphics, but expect simple action otherwise. The dark world of monsters, ghosts and all the things making up supernatural has been comprehensively represented by many leading casino software developers through an assortment of slots. Rival Gaming is one of the better-known providers that has contributed to the growing number of games in this arena with its latest video slot. Dr. Acula is a 3-reel slot from Rival Gaming that comes with five flexible paylines. The name itself is a play on that legendary vampire, Dracula. The theme may be dark, but the game itself is a whole lot of fun. The grey background wall is beyond the reels, which are set in the ideal position to start your adventure into the heart of Dr. Acula’s castle and all the symbols also reflect the theme with stunning clarity.