Jack Frost Slots

The Rival Gaming powered slot machine takes us for an adventurous walk under the snow with its no-download slot machine Jack Frost. The game characters will train us in a gift race through the mountain and its features including Free spins, Ice Block Bonus, Drop symbols, the wilds and sticky wilds to win us the significant sum. It does not miss many days before the Christmas festivities, and Jack Frost has to go on tour with his band. His wife and son are not happy, but they know that these concerts can revive his career. Jack promised he would be there in time for Christmas Eve and to spend the vacation with them, and generally, he never missed his solemn promises. He offers a pen to his beloved son with an inscription: The word of a Frost is dead-sacred and tells him always to keep that pen close to him, and he will make his company while he's travelling. Lack of luck when Jack came back home under a brutal snowstorm he is in a car wreck, and he's dying on the place. His son and wife collapsed psychologically, and at the funeral of Jack comes a lot of people because he was very appreciated. Jack couldn't miss his word. He was reincarnated in that pen offered his son. How can you let him know that he was there without scaring him? He started writing on a paper the phase that he had written on the pen. The teenager's tears cease flowing, and he has just realised that his father is there. His father had warned him, especially not to tell anyone, including his mother. How would he explain it to him? Jack later recalled the letters he had written to him when they were engaged, and he remembers correctly one of them. He writes a passage of the message and asks him to check in the box (that of the game Jack Frost. Sceptical no more than seeing a pen write all alone she will look in the box and the passage of the letter asking her to marry him was identical. It was Jack, who had initially been reincarnated in pen. The mother and the son didn't even believe their own eyes. Jack hadn't missed his promise, and he was with them to spend their Christmas parties together with his own family.

Slot Type, Theme and Design

A notable point about Jack Frost is its interface has two facets. The winter form in which one is plunged from the very beginning into snowflakes falling and then when we finally get to the free spins when the summer arrives with the paying symbols that can always change. There are ice skates for flip flops, goggles for goggles of sunshine and a ball for the cocktail within a coconut. It is rather original, especially when the ice cubes melt with the flame. It isn't bad either but not massive for the fierce competition that manifests itself between casino providers and the new slot machines released onto the market.

Symbols, Paytable And Payouts

The full lineup of symbols for the game are as follows, Bananas, Candy Cane, Clubs, Coconut Drink, Diamonds, Gift, Harold Heat, Hearts, Jack Frost, Sandals, Shiny Ornament, Skates, Ski Goggles, Spades, Sun Cap, Sunglasses, and a Winter Hat. The entertaining Jack Frost is drawn from the engaging characters that appear on your reels. The game icons tend to change depending on the brother that wins the spin to match the current weather they command. Jack Frost, who is generally on top, uses Christmas-themed symbols for his game screen. Once Harold Heat manages to gains the upper hand, the atmosphere changes to hot summer and the symbols along with it to showcase: The highest paying symbols are the character groups, summer and winter, if you manage to get 3, 4 or 5 times on the reels you gain 50, 100 or 100 lovely coins. If you visualise the bonnet with the earpieces or the cap 3, 4 or 5 times you get 25, 50 or 150 winning coins. If it is the sugar stick or the bananas, you win 15, 30 or 75. If you can find the ball or coconut 3, 4 or 5 times you gain 7, 20 or 40 of the coins, if you get ice skates 3, 4 or 5 times you reach 10, 25 or 50 coins. If you discover the gift or box with letters inside, 3, 4 or 5 times, you will earn 5, 10 or 30 coins. If you gain the ski goggles or sunglasses 3, 4 or 5 times on your reels you will have 6, 15 or 35 precious coins. The low paying symbols are cards, including the heart, diamonds, spades, clover, depending on whether they are in summer or winter lose has one decoration or another, but the winnings will remain the same. If you gain the heart 3, 4 or times we will win 4, 10 or 20 coins, and if you get the tile 3, 4 or 5 times the tile we'll win 3, 7 or 14 medals, if you discover the spade 3, 4 or 5 times, you have 2, 6 or 12 coins. With the clover symbol 3, 4 or 5 times, you win 1, 5 or 10 win medals.

Drop Feature, Free Spins And Ice Block Bonus

With the use of the different characters for winter and summer, payouts remain identical. Each of the symbols in the weathers has a matching one in the other-for instance, the cards in summer and winter weathers payout from one to twenty credits. There is a progressive jackpot included and two bonus rounds. The Ice Block bonus is triggered with three Jack Frosts anywhere on your screen. Once you activate it, you are redirected to the second screen with a three by three ice block arrangements. You get to smash the cubes to reveal free spins and credit prizes. Harold Heat triggers the free spins by appearing anywhere on the grid without having to be aligned on the betting line. Three of the symbols award five freebies, four awards ten freebies, and five prizes twenty freebies. The wild is here represented by the word wild written in blue will replace other symbols to form winning paylines when it is possible. The sticky wild in colour red-orange appears during the free spins. They remain on the screen and will trigger re-spins if they are part of a win. Extra sticky wilds activate additional re-spins and remain fixed on your screen during all the re-spins-three or more of the icons on the reels and trigger free spins. If you get the symbol 3, 4 or 5 times on the screen will gain 5, 10 to 20 free spins. The Ice Block Bonus will activate when three or more Jack Frost symbols fall on the reels. Ice blocks need to be melted down to earn coins or free spins. The feature of Drop Icons will turn up during the original game. Any Drop symbols trigger the features. The Drop icons that activate the win disappear and the symbols above will fall to fill the empty spaces. Logos cannot pay more than once during a sequence. You win when the corresponding gameplay icons are displayed in an active payline. The symbols need to appear consecutively on the reels starting with the leftmost one. The payout is determined by how many logos are out and by the values displayed on this payout table.

Paylines, Betting Options And Limits

The Rival Gaming's Jack Frost slot machine released in December 2018 has 5-reels, 4-rows and 25 paylines, with a battle between winter and its symbols, summer and its unique symbols. The basic game is inked in winter; however, when you activate the free spins, it is summer coming, and that will settle in the free rides, which is wholly original. The full lineup of coins is as follows, starting from $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, and up to $0.25. You can stake up to ten coins on every payline, and the top bet is $62.50. Most game developers tend to maintain a similar betting system and playing the game in nearly all the slots released, which is the case with Rival Gaming. All players are given the freedom of choosing the number of paylines they prefer to remain active for play from one to all twenty-five. The coins can be modified to suit different bankrolls from $0.01 to $0.25. Every payline can accommodate one to ten of these. The total minimum and maximum betting range during Jack Frost for free and for real cash are $0.01 to $62.25. The top betting limit can be set with the Bet Max button. The currency is dollars, so the amount demanded may change slightly depending on the money used. The spinning/play button starts the game, and it is represented by three rotating arrows at the bottom left of the screen. Autoplay is also supported.

Instant Play for Free or Real Money

Free slot machines without download and no registration have become an accessible provision which you can find with slots Jack Frost when playing for fun or real money. Some casinos; however, eliminate the no registration requirement and creation of your account to access both the demo and actual money gameplay. You can choose between 1 and 25 active paylines and with stakes of between $0.01 and $0.25 which makes us a total bet of $62.5 which is satisfying for beginners or those who don't have a bottomless wallet. For those who have no worries on this side and who like to bet hard, it is not frankly their game. Moreover, the bankroll in free mode is $2000, not massive that either! On the jackpot side, the maximum that you can win is 500x your stake, which is $31,250 if you bet $62.5o, that's $0.25 and on all 25 active paylines. No significant attractive earnings actually. What the players are looking for are the thrills and the hope of being able to win an incredibly high sum, but here it is not the case.

Mobile Game for Android and iOS

Mobile slot gambling is the latest revolution in the industry, and Rival has moved along with the flow of times to include Jack Frost on their mobile platform. The game requires no download to run. You can enjoy playing on any modern smartphone or tablet. The slot is adequately compatible with most mobile devices, and designed for iOS, Windows and Android mobile phones which ensures you make the most with complete compatibility with most mobile operating systems. All the mobile slots including this one are optimised for mobile playing, and they all work brilliantly on mobile devices, including on all iPhones, iPads and Android devices, along with standard laptops and desktop PCs. You can play using Flash-based Instant Play mode or download it directly to your cell phone or tablet.

About Rival Gaming

Rival Gaming has deservedly become a highly prominent name in the gambling industry. The company burst onto the casino scene back in 2006 and thanks to their well-done games, and the company grew in popularity as well as size. The company focus is mainly on the development of online slots. Rival Gaming offers loads of exciting standard video slot machines while a highlight of their work is the genuinely immersive nature of Rival Gaming's i-Slots. The games provide outstanding, unique bonus features but come with interesting storylines which make online gaming more fun. When it comes to their latest slots, they are loaded with innovative bonuses, high payouts, and impressive visuals. The company strives toward improvement. When it comes to other selections by Rival, you can hop on their online gaming journey with video poker games as well as several unique speciality casino games such as Super Sudoku. Considering the immense popularity of Rival slots and other games, it's no wonder every prominent casino in the industry offers Rival slot machines. The majority of sites are wholly reliable, trustworthy and hold all the licenses. That says a lot about their devotion to bringing players only the best, no matter their preferences. The majority of venues offer the best Rival Gaming slots which are fully optimised for both desktop and mobile gaming offering equally immersive gameplay. The best Rival Gaming casinos also offer i-Slots which come fully packed with innovative bonus features, winning opportunities and higher winning potential which you can win with a few spins of these reels. The venues come with reliable support and safe payment processing systems with a fantastic variety of different banking options.

RTP, Volatility and Rating

Each of the seasons in this 94% RTP percentage slot has a wild, a cold wild and red-hot wild. They can all stand in the place of other game symbols except Jack Frost himself and Harold Heat, as they are bonus trigger icons. The brilliant wild comes with the extra advantage of sticky features that allow it to maintain its fixed position on the reels once the game is in motion for the next round. The game has average volatility which isn't brilliant; nevertheless, it is well below other slot games, and that may not please all players. You will have to wait not bad to trigger the free spins, it gets tired a little, we have no feature to buy so we have to wait patiently that it happens, and patience is not the strength of some players. They prefer the features easier to tame.

Round-Up and Verdict

Rival Gaming offers an exciting ride under the snow with a 5-reel Jack Frost slot. The characters will invite us to a gift race by helping with the features: Free spins, Ice Block Bonus, Drop icons, wild symbols and sticky wild icons to make us reap the maximum win of $£31,250! That's the story of Jack Frost is a man who has to go live with a rock band before Christmas parties begin, but he promises the family that he will come back to spend the vacations with them. Unfortunately, Jack has an untimely accident and dies in the place. He gets reincarnated into a pen that he had offered to his son and then may not miss his word of being with them for the holidays. The battle between the cold that is already installed on the reels and the hot that comes with the free spins. The symbols also change with the seasons. Jack Frost leans towards simplicity with cartoon graphics and animations that aren't worthy contenders for the top names like NetEnt and Playtech. The unique and original nature of the theme used provides entertainment that hasn't been replicated much online. Jack Frost free slot may be one of the latest releases online, having been launched in December of 2018. Nevertheless, it manages to service players looking for a retro playing environment with a touch of modern development.