Instant Play

The best way to play is instant, right, which is exactly why here at Casino Rich, we go for player convenience. Just visit the PC site, or mobile version, and merely play instantly, without any waiting. This technology allows instant play of casino games, thus the name Instant Play, sometimes also referred to as Flash Play. Instant Play does in fact, utilise Flash technology which is prevalent on most mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets, whether iOS or Android are Flash enabled. The technology has improved in leaps and bounds and has several uses; online casino games are only one of them.

How does it work exactly, you might ask? Well, the game opens up in your browser, using the software from the online casino’s servers. You will, of course, need a WiFi connection, but that’s it. There is no waiting time, and not eating into your device’s memory. The games work smoothly and efficiently, and they rarely freeze or have problems.

Why Wait?

The main advantage Instant Play games offer is the lack of downloading, and subsequently, no waiting. You just log on, choose a game and play. Time is precious, why waste it waiting extended minutes for a game to load? That time can be spent productively, such as playing a game, and perhaps even winning, instead of waiting! Compatibility used to be a problem in the past, and now it isn’t anymore. Almost all conventional mobile devices are indeed compatible with the Flash technology that powers Instant Play games. The Flash player based, Instant Plat system caters to a much larger user base than in the past.

It is simple process accessing games at Casino Rich. The range of games available in convenient, Instant Play mode means you will never have to waste another second waiting for games to download here at Casino Rich.

If you use multiple devices, say a smartphone while out, and a tablet at home or the office, then Instant Play is the most convenient way to play games at Casino Rich, and indeed any casino. If you start a game on your smartphone, you can pause or stop, and continue on your tablet, which cannot be done with downloaded casino software or games, as they are only available on the device they were downloaded upon, not to mention the memory space that is taken up.

Glorious Instant Play Game Selection

Casino Rich offers a superb game selection in Instant Play mode. Available on the mobile version or PC, there can be little doubt that this game selection will please all player types, and no player will have to wait. You do have the option of playing the games in Instant Play, practice mode, so you can become familiar before wagering real cash. In effect, all the game features work smoothly and never stall. Unless your mobile device is older than five years, then the chance of the game and screen ‘freezing’ on you is minimal. Welcome to the future and the convenience Instant Play offers.