Rich Mobile Casino

The moment you visit our mobile casino, you will immediately notice the eye-catching design and creative style. The next thing you see is the substantial welcome package and other bonuses on offer, more of which on our promotions page. Scroll down, and you are faced with the games. Favorite slots greet you and scrolling further down, and you will see a leaderboard with the latest winners and amounts. Scroll even further down, and you will find the games, grouped under the following headings; Slots, Classic Slots, Live Casino, Table Games and Video Poker. Clicking on each one expands the list of games so that you can see the full glory of the games selections. In fact, there is also a drop-down menu where you can select the games by genre, the sports betting page, other games and a search function. The sub-menu, which can be found if you scroll even further down, contains several useful links. There are links to Bitcoin, Community; which is an informative blog along with more details about promotions, the VIP Program, Responsible Gaming and a support breast cancer; Partners in Hope, give us a hand. There are also links to ‘my (your) account’, withdrawing, depositing and a link to ‘reports’.

Streamlined & Optimized

The mobile casino we have created here is rich with great features and functions. It is, in effect, a streamlined version of its PC brother. The large selection of slots and casino games on offer have all been optimized especially for mobile gaming and look great on a tablet or smartphone. The graphic, in particular, is exceptional. The mobile casino will work efficiently and quickly on iOS and Android devices. No downloading is necessary, as the games are available in Instant Play mode. Constant improvements in the field of mobile telephony, smartphone and tablet technology and WiFi/Internet, the mobile medium is set to expand even more, and Rich Casino will be right there in the thick of things, you can bet your last dollar.

Mobile Technological Advances

Mobile technology has advanced to such an extent that more and more players are turning to this medium as their number one choice for online casino gaming. The resolution on average smartphone screens has got better and better, with no signs of abating, which is all good news for gamers like you and us. It means the quality of games available on mobile devices will improve and the selection increased.

The Future

While nobody can accurately predict the future, specific developments in technology that is connected to online gaming are improving in leaps and bounds. In fact, it is hard to keep up with all the innovative and futuristic, advances. There have been unconfirmed rumours that Virtual Reality is about to penetrate online casinos. Other stories point towards Artificial Intelligence; who knows! What’s for sure is that Rich Casino is and will continue to keep abreast of future developments that may Impact online casinos and the quality of gaming. Rest assured, we want you to have the very best.